"Read, read, read.” - William Faulkner
.Death., Destiny, Family, Fear, Friends

Saheli, forever. I repeat.

It’s like I’m going through it. Like, it’s not you but me. I love you more than anything. For the best memories are ours; shared and lived. Never in my life have I ever imagined it’d be YOU going through it all, never, ever. Please stay strong for the sake of it, darling. If only you were just not my friend, if only. But there’s a heart-to-heart connection, No? These so-called-blood-relations are no good anyway. Hmph.

How do you feel when your besty is in trouble? Don’t you break down into finely grained pieces? I feel myself shattering down bit by bit with every passing second. When somebody who made you laugh always is all gloomy, when you can do nothing but motivate, talk, crack silly jokes just for one crazy laugh and it wouldn’t happen. Just. won’t. happen! Sigh.

I’ve loved you like a sister, I can’t take anything more, dontcha dare disappoint me. Please?



About `Ayesha`

A Designer. Talks more than it’s needed. Thinks more than a normal person should. Dreamer - and oh! the wishlist is endless.


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