"Read, read, read.” - William Faulkner
Good times, ME!, Memories, Optimism, Rainbow!

trans. from Czech by Ewald Osers

Officially the heart is oblong, muscular, and filled with longing.
But anyone who has painted the heart knows that it is also spiked like a star
And sometimes bedraggled like a stray dog at night
And sometimes powerful like an archangel’s drum
And sometimes cube-shaped like a draughtsman’s dream
And sometimes gaily around like a ball in a net.
And sometimes like a thin line

And sometimes like an explosion.
And in it is also a river,
A weir and at most one little fish
By no means golden.
More like a grey jealous loach.
It certainly isn’t noticeable at first sight.
Anyone who has painted the heart knows
That first he had to discard his spectacles,
His mirror, throw away his fine-pointed pencil
And carbon paper and for long while
Walk outside.

-Miroslav Holub

(via friend)


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