"Read, read, read.” - William Faulkner


Funny how it’s all taking turns, funny how I’m sleepy but I can’t really. Strange, awkward and I dunno what. Ha! More like it is a ‘cry-here’ note *laughing at myself/ I’m not, my brain is.*

It’s eid here. Well, almost. Supposed to be happy, supposed to be sleeping, supposed to be presenting the physical self. Supposed to be whaaaaaaaaaaat?

This lamp at my back shines bright and nice, lights my room and music somehow does that for me. Headache, stomachache, oh! God knows what not!

Sleepy, ugh! but why can’t I, when I’m looking up at you, ceiling?

Be back with details and stuff when it manages to leave my system.


About `Ayesha`

A Designer. Talks more than it’s needed. Thinks more than a normal person should. Dreamer - and oh! the wishlist is endless.


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