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Sabeen and the unheard heroes of Pakistan.

Mariya Husain

I was once asked whether the death of a hero makes one a hero or is it possible for people to become heroes within their lifetimes.

I could pick one or agree to both. My stance was muddled, but I was sure that it was way too easy to become a hero in today’s times; social media, youtube, blogs- the magnanimity of technology and the ideas of “sharing thoughts” enrich life today. These screens make us all HEROES.

I was reminded of Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Laureate. I thought of Nelson Mandela. Of Mother Theresa. My view was simple; now a days, thoughts travel fast than ever; and when I say- thoughts, words, ideas; the very essence of these are preserved such that their actions speak the same. These thoughts, words and ideas are the same as their work, intent and success; I believe no words can inspire other…

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