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A blue Monday.

A terribly blue Monday is what you call it. Started with saying goodbye to university (umm. I went for some attestations, dontcha worry!) followed by a problem I created myself, ‘almost’ lost the files I needed most (just for the curious you! It was my private folder. I keep privacy from the administrator accounts, lost my login account and there was no way I was gonna get those files outta that account. ‘the boss’ did it for me.) Saved me from a lotta mess. Thank you.

No big deal.


Misplaced my NIC card on my way back to home. Soon I realized, went back to the workplace area. Glad, my boss (again) spotted it for me (I owe you, thank you again) and there it was in the middle of street across the workplace. Got it. *Phew*

No big deal.


And now, on my way back to home, a driver that was probably more interested in looking ‘inside’ the other car which was ours actually; wanted to overtake, told the driver to let him do that. His ego needed satisfaction. He was done-we overtook, that’s when I heard a loud thud from somewhere near, thought it was our car but it wasn’t. Kept myself from looking back but since it was a reaction to something I can’t figure out right now. I looked back. *Sigh* A man while crossing the road hit from a car(exactly behind us) looked more like a bloodstained puppet lying on the street. Can’t explain anymore.¬†You know how I feel, right?¬†Apologies.

(That car driver: guess, it was him, that crazy guy)



My driver saw the reaction, think he said something I can’t recall and I was surprised to see him keeping the nerves under control.


Shouldn’t we be responsible for our actions? It wouldn’t be that crazy driver suffering, it is going to be that deceased(I hope not) man’s family. *nauseated*


Keep him safe/healthy for the sake of his family, dear God.




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